SLR  Business Solutions supplies a full range of electrical, electronic, instrumentation and mechanical control equipment


    Our range comprises of:

            Temperature Monitor

            HVAC components

            Electrical switch gear

            Temperature sensors

            Pressure transmitters

            Power monitoring equipment

            Flow meters

            Level transmitters

            Data logging equipment


            Pneumatic equipment

            Building management systems







We at SLR Business Solutions offer a wide range of services which include the following:


        Data logging equipment which includes development of hardware and software, customised solutions

            Temperature Monitoring

            Gas Monitoring

            Monitoring of chillier plants

            Energy saving solutions on HVAC systems where heat exchange can be monitored

            Dust monitoring systems including hardware and software

            Cooling tower monitoring

            Boiler equipment including monitoring equipment

            Water softener repairs and maintenance

            Overall industrial solutions and maintenance


Real value delivery to our Customers (proof, not promises) is a systematic process that begins with an understanding of the Customer’s systems and processes, establishing an operating baseline and mutually setting performance targets and program criteria for success.  Once implemented, program performance are monitored consistently, with ongoing communication and reporting of results and value delivered to all stakeholders.


With our data loggers, we provide you with a web-based data management and communication platform that enables system data, transmitted  from field instruments and/or proprietary control systems, to be converted into useful management information.  Therefore, our Customers will have unhindered access to system performance dashboards, multiple trend analysis reports, product information and much more via any smart device.


Coupled with our communications platform, with our technology “building blocks” we offer to help improve and optimize system performance and control.


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